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To ensure the safety and enjoyment of all who will be attending this year’s Kitchener Comic Con, we ask that all visitors observe the following con policies. Any questions regarding these policies should be directed to the staff or office. Thank you.

Harassment, stalking and/or intimidation are not allowed at Kitchener Comic Con under any circumstance and may result in loss of membership badge without refund and removal from convention space. Venue management and/or police may take further action if they feel it warranted.

“No.” means No, “Go away.” means Go Away Now and Don’t Come Back. This applies to actions directed at anyone, by anyone.

Congoers who believe they are being harassed should immediately make it known in a clear, unmistakable way that the attention is unwelcome and as quickly as possible approach any con staff member for help in dealing with the situation.

Intentionally touching anyone without their permission can be considered assault and may result in police involvement as well as loss of membership badge without refund and removal from convention space.

“Glomping” and “Free Hugs” are still physical contact and you need to ask permission from people you don’t know first or they may be considered assault and/or harassment and dealt with as such.

Sexual Harassment and Sexual Assault are legal distinctions that are outside the scope of Kitchener Comic Con to decide and will be left to the authorities to take appropriate actions. However, incidents with blatantly sexual speech or acts, or touching of a more personal nature (ie – areas of the body that would be covered by jockey shorts or bra & panties) will be treated very seriously.

It is not appropriate to touch someone who appears to be either transgender or dressed as a member of the opposite sex to find out if their body parts are real without very clear permission. Kitchener Comic Con will treat such incidents with equal severity whether the body part touched was real or costume.

No real weapons allowed, ALL ordnance prop accessories must be inspected by the Event Prop Master.

  • No alcohol. This is not a licensed event.

  • No Drugs, Theft, Vandalism are illegal and will be dealt with accordingly

  • Smoking is prohibited except in designated areas outside of the building

  • *Glomping is forbidden!

*Glomping* “Glomping” (Glomping is aggressive hugging, often without warning) can be disruptive and even cause harm to unsuspecting targets or bystanders being jostled in a crowded space. SO in short this is prohibited during the KCC event and can be disruptive to the event AND can cause harm to unsuspecting targets or bystanders by being jostled in a crowded space. Repeated problems may be considered disruptive behavior and can result in warnings and loss of convention membership.

Costume Policy

**Costumes that are bulky, difficult to maneuver, restrict vision, have mascot-type heads, projecting shoulders or otherwise present possible safety issues for the wearer or those they come in contact with are asked to travel with an unencumbered escort (someone in no costume or one without any restricting features) when moving through high-traffic public areas of the con. If no escort is available, you may be asked to return the costume to your hotel room or car, or remove and safely carry the portions of your costume causing concern. Costume elements that may be offensive or disruptive are not welcome and anyone wearing them may be asked by the Kitchener Comic Convention staff to remove or cover up questionable items. So please try to keep props (ie: wings) within a reasonable size. Masks must be easy to take off. Costumes should reflect proper taste – ie, nothing bordering on pornographic.


Exhibitors and artists are responsible for their own property, merchandise and money, and under no circumstances will the Kitchener Comic Convention, or its agents are liable for loss or damage including but not limited to merchandise, equipment, or revenue.

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