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Civilians, Vendors, and Artists!

Now that we have had our time to get through the most recent events, the new Management are ready to get going on Con planning!!!!!!

We will keep you posted with updates!

Cosplay, Guests, and Programming Stuff:

If you are interested in being a cosplay guest, regular guest, or would like to be involved with the programming over the weekend, please send an email to with details and we will reach out to discuss.

Business Stuff:

Artists and Vendors, if you have put in an application form, you have been contacted via the email that you provided to address reserving your space(s) for November.

This may get pushed to Junk, but if you have not received anything, please reach out to so we can get your space correctly reserved!

If you are an Artist or Vendor that would still be interested in applying for a spot, please fill out the form at the link below and we will be in-touch.

Please note that the cost of table spaces are listed in the application and are not guaranteed until paid.

If you would like to help sponsor the convention, please send an email to with details and we will reach out to discuss.

Volunteering Stuff:

Anyone interested in volunteering can send an email to and we will reach out with more information when we are ready to start wrangling volunteers.

We are looking forward to making this a great event for the community and celebrating the #legendaryLegacy #9KCC2024

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