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Update from the Leadership Team

Hello True Believers!

We’ve kept you waiting long enough - announcement day is finally here!

Thursday, April 11, we said our final goodbyes to our Founder, Ron, and took the time to reminisce and look to the future, alongside many of you who joined us, and with his Family (thank you to those of you who could make it).

Those memories and hopes for the future solidified our will to carry on Kitchener Comic Con’s #LegendaryLegacy.

This convention will be the first that Ron is not directly involved, but the remaining Leadership Team will be working together to come up with a great weekend of fun!

With that, #thesagacontinues and we are proud to officially announce that Kitchener Comic Con 2024 will now take place on Saturday, November 2nd, through Sunday, November 3rd, 2024.

We hope you’ll join us to celebrate fandom, community, and the legacy of those who came before.

Vendors and Artists that would like to be part of this great event, please click the button below to get to the application form to start the process!

We will look forward to making additional announcements as we get closer to the dates.

We look forward to celebrating with all of you!

- The Kitchener Comic Con Leadership Team

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